ScoreItUp Course Options – Summary

In order to maximize the unmatched, comprehensive nature of my LSAT Prep courses, and to provide convenience, flexibility and value to all LSAT Prep students, ScoreItUp offers a wide variety of options.  Here is a breakdown and brief summary of my course options:
  • My ScoreItUp “Live Stream” courses are offered live and in real time, including Q&A, via Zoom. The course options for each term are simply different length courses. For example, a “triple” course consists of three separate “single” courses, each of which covers a different set of real LSAT questions. Each “single” course is a complete, self-contained course. The lessons also are recorded in case you miss any or want to watch them again.
  • The longer versions of my “live online” course, analyze a larger number of real LSAT questions, a key part of LSAT success.  All “live online” courses also include my pre-recorded online video course, massive online document library (including detailed explanations to over 3000 real LSAT questions), and video tutorials as supplements to your course – all of which provide outstanding reinforcement of the key LSAT Prep fundamentals, tips, and strategies.
  • My ScoreItUp “On Demand” live-online courses are identical to my “Live Stream” courses, and include all the same material. The only difference is that you watch the recorded version of the lessons (at your convenience). My “On Demand Live-Stream” courses are an excellent option if you cannot attend the live-online lessons in real time.
  • I encourage you to either (1) take the longest course that works with your schedule and budget (more prep work is always better than less), or (2) consider adding my new “supersize” feature, which give you an additional set of recorded “live online” lessons during the same timeframe as your course.
  • My ScoreItUp pre-recorded online-video course is included in my “Live Stream” and “On Demand Live Stream” courses, or can be purchased separately. It includes my pre-recorded online video course, ScoreItUp’s entire online document library, and my online video tutorials. The pre-recorded online video course is an excellent way for students to learn (or reinforce) the key LSAT Prep fundamentals in an efficient and highly effective way.
  • I also offer supplemental 1-on-1 tutoring, and very popular supplemental group-tutoring “bootcamps” (where we analyze particularly challenging LSAT problems on a particular section in an efficient, live-online classroom environment).
  • All course lessons in every one of these courses are taught by me (and not by part-time or student instructors!). As the owner of ScoreItUp, my business and personal reputation rides on the quality and success of your LSAT Prep course, which is why I have devoted my professional life to cutting out the advertising gimmicks and ensuring  that you will have an excellent, entertaining and (most importantly) highly effective LSAT Prep experience with me.
Please click any of the links above to get full details and to enroll. If you have any additional questions, please email me at I also will be happy to to schedule a brief telephonic conversation to help you decide which course option is best for you, if you would like. Thank you for considering ScoreItUp – I look forward to working together with you on this fun, challenging and critically important exam!