NEW: ScoreItUp’s Autumn “Hybrid” Courses

My next Live Stream courses begin on November 28th (Winter 1). During the Winter months, my “Live Stream” courses will be offered on Sundays (beginning at 10:30 a.m. PST). I will resume my Mon/Wed courses beginning in the Spring of 2021. Of course, I also offer my “On Demand” courses that allow you full access to recordings of my “live online” lessons (as well as all of the other ScoreItUp online resources) – you can watch the recorded “live online” lessons at any time during the week the lessons are given.
In addition, I am offering a special “Hybrid Live-Stream” course in the Autumn (with limited-time discount pricing!). It is basically just like my Winter-1 courses, with a few added bonuses if you want to do some prep work during the month of November. Here are the basics on how the Autumn “hybrid” courses work:
  • You are given full access to all online material, including ScoreItUp’s online video course and massive online document library, beginning on November 7th.
  • Each week during the month of November you also will be given access to recordings of two (or three) of my Autumn “live online” lessons, which you can review at any time that week. As a result, by November 27th, you will have reviewed my entire Autumn “live online” course.
  • Beginning on November 28th, you will attend my “live online” course lessons live and in real-time, with the opportunity to ask questions (after having had a nice “head start”).
  • You have the option of taking a “double,” “triple” or “GO BIG” hybrid live-online course with me in the Autumn. You can start the “hybrid” course at any time, but I would suggest beginning on or around November 7th.
  • For more details or to enroll in (1) my Autumn “hybrid” courses beginning on (or near) November 7th, or (2) my Winter-1 “live online” courses beginning on November 28th, please visit the Live Stream page.
If you have questions, please email me at Thanks!