In the Spotlight: the Drew C. Story

The LSAT is the single biggest factor in a law school application, by far. As such, every LSAT point in the LSAT’s 120-180 point scale is critical.  But this story about ScoreItUp student Drew C. is not about a one-point increase. Drew C. increased 14 LSAT points, from a 154 to a 168 (roughly in the top 5 percent in the nation), after completing my ScoreItUp “live online” course. Drew’s 14-point increase is even more impressive considering he increased 14 LSAT points above his prior official LSAT score, which Drew took after preparing for the LSAT for five months. Well done!
Drew is a recent University of Arizona grad, double-majoring in law and political science. Here is what Drew had to say about his “live online” course experience:
“The late-spring and early-summer courses were extremely beneficial to me, especially in the logic games section. After studying for about three months using ScoreItUp’s online material, I was scoring in the high 160’s but still wasn’t very consistent. This is where the drilling and discussion during [ScoreItUp’s live-online] zoom classes helped me tremendously. I suddenly discovered the minor mistakes that I was making, and in return my scores became more consistent around the 170s mark. 
In the end, I scored a 168 on the July LSAT-flex. Though my goal was a 170, a 168 is TERRIFIC and has changed my law school possibilities greatly. Looking back to when I got a 154 on the July 2019 LSAT after 5 months of studying [before Drew’s ScoreItUp training], I am ecstatic knowing that I now have a solid shot at getting into Georgetown or UCLA. And I could not have made the 14 point leap that I did without you. Thank you, Mark, you very likely changed the direction of my future.”
And finally, here is Drew’s succinct closing comment about ScoreItUp: “ScoreItUp helped me improve my score by 14 points…need I say more?!”  Thanks Drew, and congratulations on a sensational LSAT performance!