In The Spotlight: Jennifer P.’s 31-Point LSAT Score Increase (and 171 LSAT Score!)

This post is devoted to recent ScoreItUp LSAT Prep superstar Jennifer P., who gives new meaning to the term well-rounded. From her high school days of student government and captaining the cheerleading team…to her college and sorority work at USC…to her LSAT Prep studying…she pours herself into everything she does.
Jennifer displayed that same tenacity at the start of her law school journey. After completing a ScoreItUp live-online “triple course” with me, she took the October 2020 LSAT. The result?  She earned a 171 (98th percentile), which was a 31-point score increase from her mock exam score before starting her ScoreItUp training. Wow!
How did Jennifer increase a shocking 31 LSAT points in 3-1/2 months?  It was nothing fancy.  She simply took LSAT Prep seriously – attending all of my ScoreItUp “live online” lessons, doing all of her assigned homework, and practicing diligently with real LSATs.  Congratulations, Jennifer, on a truly outstanding and well-deserved LSAT score!
Here is a brief summary of what Jennifer P. had to say about her ScoreItUp experience:
I had also done a bit of studying ‘on my own’ but it was nowhere near as great as having your class. Not only did I receive the skills necessary for the different sections of the LSAT with your course, but you broke it down in a way that was incredibly easy to understand. We went through so much material and it was always interactive which was a very conducive environment for learning. And your assignments outside of the zoom meetings were the perfect solution for drilling areas I needed more practice in. Also loved all of the ‘tips and tricks’ that I got in your course, and having such a fun teacher was just another awesome bonus. All of the reviews you see online are spot on – this is a great course taught by a great teacher! Plus, you just rock at teaching logic games!”
Thank you for the kind words, Jennifer, and good luck in the law school application process – that 171 LSAT score certainly will go a long, long way for you!