ScoreItUp Course Options

I offer a wide variety of LSAT Prep options to suit everyone’s schedule and budget. There are several different formats in which you can take my ScoreItUp LSAT Prep courses:

  • My interactive “live-online” classroom courses are offered live on Monday/Wednesday evenings, with the opportunity to ask questions during lessons – you get the structure of a classroom course with the convenience of watching all lessons at home!
  • My ultra-flexible “hybrid live-online” courses are ideal if you have scheduling conflicts with my Monday/Wednesday evening lessons (or live on the East Coast and don’t want to stay up that late!). They are identical to my “live-online” classroom courses, except you watch the recorded videos of my “live-online” class lessons at your convenience. A great option is to add some 1-on-1 tutoring (at a discounted price) to your “hybrid live-online” course.
  • My classroom courses are offered live in a terrific classroom in Costa Mesa, California on Monday/Wednesday evenings. These in-class courses are temporarily on hold due to the coronavirus, but will resume again once it becomes feasible to do so (at which time I will be offering BOTH my classroom courses AND my “live online” (and “hybrid live-online”) course options).
  • All of the above options include my (optional) proctored mock exams, given on Saturday mornings.
  • For students who want only my online video course and online resources (all included free of charge in my other courses), my online video course is a terrific option providing flexibility and an excellent value.

Here are some additional facts applicable to all of my ScoreItUp live-online, hybrid live-online, and in-class courses:

  • I offer “single” (38 class hours), “double” (76 class hours) and “triple” (a whopping 114 class hours) LSAT Prep courses throughout the year.
  • All ScoreItUp course lessons are taught by me, the company owner, and NOT by part-time or student instructors.
  • All ScoreItUp courses include extensive supplemental online resources to help reinforce class lessons.
  • My courses provide highly effective strategies to help you develop a clear and precise understanding of how to answer all LSAT questions accurately and efficiently (and to allow you to eliminate the useless and often counterproductive LSAT Prep gimmicks out there!).
  • By “cutting out the middleman,” the value provided in ScoreItUp courses (i.e., what you get for what you pay) is unmatched in the industry.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at