Mackenzie B.’s Review of ScoreItUp LSAT Prep

Sometimes a student’s review is worth sharing.  You can read read Mackenzie’s extensive review of my ScoreItUp LSAT Prep course on Reddit here, or read an excerpt of it below: 

I had received advice from a coworker who got a 173 on her LSAT and she told me about [ScoreItUp]. Prior to me going to SIU, I had already used two of the largest LSAT preparation companies and thought at this point that they’re all really the same and don’t offer anything different.

To my surprise, Mark was teaching new approaches to the complex logical processes of the LSAT in such an easy and elementary way that no other company came close to, breaking it down in such an understandable way. This was day one. I was hooked. Every class, I was learning new things in such a basic and understandable way that I was truly mind blown that someone could be so capable to teach such complex subjects this way. I learned something new every time about timing, score, approaches, that my average test scores kept improving week-by-week. All doubt about the test that I previously harbored was slowly withering away…

[And] if you think the LSAT is hard, try writing your personal statement. I spent three weeks, about eight hours a day, writing that extremely difficult two pages. I had no idea what to write. Mark offered not only insight and perspective on what to write and how to write it, but he does editing as well. I gave him two pages of gibberish and he helped me turn it into two pages of beautiful and articulate work. I was dumbfounded with how amazing it turned out…

Perhaps the most amusing part of Mackenzie’s Reddit review were the student comments on Reddit purporting to claim that it was fake, or from a “shill.”  (As a side note, I have never posted a fake student review on any website…ever!)  Additional ScoreItUp student reviews can be seen on ScoreItUp’s Yelp page.  Thank you, Mackenzie – greatly appreciated, and good luck!

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