Recent Number of LSAT Takers Increases Dramatically

One of the most interesting trends to follow in the law school world is the number of people taking the LSAT each year.  From the 2009/2010 year to 2014/2015 (the LSAC “year” historically runs from June to May), there was a whopping drop from 171,514 (in 2009/2010) to an all-time low of 101,689 (in 2014/2015).  That trend has change dramatically in the last four years.  The biggest year-over-year increase recently was in 2017/2018, where we saw an increase of 18.1%.  After another 7.3% increase this past year, the most recent year’s stats show a total of 138,597 LSAT takers for 2018/2019.

The current numbers are around the historical average, but a dramatic increase from a few years ago.  The number of LSAT takers, not surprisingly, correlates closely with the number of students applying to law school. Here is the full chart if you are curious.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at