In the Spotlight: McKenna C.’s 24+ Point Increase

Mckenna C. is a motivated and conscientious pre-law student. Before starting her ScoreItUp LSAT Prep training with me, she struggled mightily with the LSAT (like countless others do).

Mckenna’s initial timed practice exams were in the 138-140 range, which is not a bad starting score…but not high enough to get her considered by law schools or to earn merit-based scholarships.

Mckenna took my ScoreItUp “single course” last Winter and saw a nice jump in her timed scores (using real LSATs in simulated test-taking conditions). But her scores still were not high enough to achieve her goals. She then continued with my “triple course” and continued to apply the concepts taught in class diligently…and the results have been nothing short of life-changing.

Mckenna’s timed practice LSAT scores are now consistently in the 160s, and she has achieved a practice score as high as 164 – an improvement of approximately 24-26 LSAT points (and an absolutely stunning “percentile” increase). [If you read this blog earlier this week, you would have noticed that it said Mckenna earned a timed practice LSAT score as high as 162, and it nows says 164 – that’s because Mckenna’s timed practice score this week was a 164!]

Mckenna isn’t through yet, though – she’s aiming to achieve a LSAT score of 165. She already put herself in contention to earn significant merit-based scholarships to Tier 1 law schools, and is simply looking to improve from there. Wow!!

You can read Mckenna’s thoughts about ScoreItUp (and numerous other ScoreItUp student comments) by going to ScoreItUp’s yelp page.  Well done, Mckenna!!