I Bombed The LSAT: Now What?!

For those of you who feel you may have had a less-than-stellar performance on the LSAT, don’t panic – but you should read the information below:  

1. Most students, regardless of how well they did, feel anxious right now. Don’t stress! The good news – and it’s very good news – is that you can always retake the LSAT with little downside.  Most law schools focus on the highest of your LSAT scores and you now are allowed unlimited shots at taking the LSAT (you still have to pay…and study…but at least there are no longer artificial limitations on how often you can take the exam).

2.  Although you shouldn’t stress, there are some practical things you should consider if you are unhappy with your score. If you didn’t put in the time and effort, it’s time to do so. But it may be a different issue than just not putting in enough time and effort.  The LSAT is a challenging, logic-based exam that tests the “legal reasoning skills” used in law school and the practice of law. The test is quite different than the typical college exams that most pre-law students are used to doing. You may not even know what you don’t know.  Everyone deserves a chance to maximize their LSAT score – the test is too important to skimp on your preparation or to be “penny-wise and pound-foolish.”

3. Ask yourself some hard questions, including: Do I feel I did everything I could to maximize my potential on the LSAT, recognizing that it is the single most important part of my law school application? Do I feel that the resources I used (whether it is a book, online course, tutor, or classroom course) taught me in a way that resonated with me and allowed me to apply the information I was taught? Do I feel that I would benefit from additional instruction, or simply doing more practice exams?

Asking yourself those questions is likely a good start to figuring out what to do now to improve your score next time. If you have any questions about what you should do in your particular situation, please feel free to email mark@scoreitup.com. Good luck!!