June 2019 LSAT: Last Chance!

So…are you planning on taking the LSAT but don’t want to take the new digital/electronic version?  If so, the June 2019 LSAT is your last chance! 

Beginning in July 2019, the LSAT will be offered in a digital/electronic format.  While the changes aren’t that radical (the substance and content of the LSAT will remain completely unchanged), the format (including electronic highlighting, using a tablet instead of a scantron, etc.) will be a little different.

ScoreItUp classes will be going through the format changes in detail for future courses, and providing numerous ways to practice with the new digitized version.  Don’t panic – the changes aren’t that big a deal, and the new format is easy to get used to. Nevertheless, if you are concerned, here are a few things to note:

  • The June 2019 LSAT will be the old-fashioned paper-and-pencil test, using a scantron.
  • The July 2019 LSAT will be “50-50.”  Half the students will take the paper-and-pencil test, and half will take the electronic version.  You won’t know which group you are in until you get there.  The good news?  The July LSAT is the one time you can WAIT to see your actual LSAT score and then decide if you want to cancel after seeing your LSAT score!
  • The September 2019 LSAT and all future LSATs will be using the new digital/electronic format.

Questions?  Please feel free to email me at mark@scoreitup.com!

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