2019 Law School Rankings

The new rankings for U.S. law schools, published annually by U.S. News and World Reports, have come out.   See below for the link and a few general comments about these law school rankings.

  1.  The most notable thing about these rankings each year is how predictable and unsurprising they are!
  2. Each year, the top three spots are taken by Yale, Harvard and Stanford, “YHS” becoming standard lexicon for law students.  Yale normally takes the top spot, with Harvard and Stanford flipping back and forth between #2 and #3. This year Stanford took #2!
  3.  The next three spots consistently are taken by Chicago, Columbia and New York University (NYU).  Chicago and Columbia normally duke it out for #4 and #5, and the almighty NYU routinely lands precisely at #6.  The results are so predictable that law student vernacular often describes spots 4-6 as “CCN.”
  4. After that, we normally see Penn, Michigan, UC Berkeley and Virginia rounding out the top 10. And so it is this year. Although we now have a three-way tie for #10 that includes perennial powerhouses Duke, Northwestern and UC Berkeley.
  5. For those of us Southern California natives, we again see UCLA (#15) and USC (#17 ) in the top 20, and UCI (#23) in the top 25.
  6. Here is a link with the US News and World Reports complete law school rankings.