Thinking Ahead: 2019 LSAT Options

In 2019, students will have more options on when to take the LSAT. That’s good news, but it is worth thinking about one’s overall law school strategy when thinking about which LSAT to take.  Here are some thoughts to consider:

  • In 2019, you can take the LSAT in January, March, June, July, September, October or November.
  • If you plan on attending law school in Fall 2019, you likely can apply to all law schools if you take the January LSAT.  Some law schools will also accept the March LSAT (and possibly even the June LSAT in unusual cases) – check with the individual law schools.
  • If you plan on attending law school in Fall 2020 (or a later year), you can take any of the 2019 LSATs but there are important things to consider…so keep reading!
  • Your LSAT score is the most important part of your law school application – do not skimp on preparation.
  • You can see a meaningful jump in your LSAT score after only a month (or so) preparation. However, to maximize your LSAT score, you ideally should give yourself a minimum of about 3 months to prepare (part-time).
  • The timeframes mentioned above include taking a course (if you choose to do so) and self-study. Some students may want to give themselves up to 6 months or more to prepare.
  • Law schools typically focus on your highest LSAT score, and most law schools do not average your scores. So, there is a definite strategic advantage in considering taking the LSAT twice, if necessary.
  • Law schools operate on a rolling admission basis, so there is some advantage in applying early (e.g., in October or November of the year before you plan to attend). However, maximizing your LSAT score and gpa are far more important than applying early – don’t skimp on LSAT Prep just to apply early.
  • Many students who are still in school like to prepare for the LSAT in either the Spring (if they have a light load of classes) or Summer, but that’s up to you.
  • My live LSAT Prep courses are offered throughout the year, with “single,” “double” and “triple” course options available from March through November – see Classroom for my upcoming course options or email me.  My online course, and 1-on-1 tutoring, is available year-round – see Online for details or email me.
  • There are some changes to the LSAT in 2019 that are worth knowing about – please feel free to email me for details.
  • The legal reasoning skills tested on the logic-based LSAT are a lot more fun to learn than other standardized tests – it is a stressful and challenging process, but there is no reason not to have fun preparing and taking the LSAT.
  • Good luck!
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