The LSAT’s Writing Sample – Free Tutorial (Limited Time)

The Writing Sample on the LSAT is extremely similar to a mini law school final exam essay question.  Like most law school final exam questions, you are (1) asked to make a choice between competing options, (2) need to make use of some rules/laws (i.e., goals/objectives on the Writing Sample), (3) given a fact pattern that provides arguments you can make supporting either of the choices you are given, and (4) asked to write a persuasive essay supporting your choice.

The Writing Sample is ungraded.  However, “ungraded” is not equivalent to “irrelevant.”  While the Writing Sample isn’t as important as the graded part of your LSAT score, it may become relevant as a “soft factor” if you are a borderline candidate for any law school to which you apply.

There are some very useful tips on how to write an effective Writing Sample that follow the same pattern as the way one writes an effective law school final exam essay.  If you’d like to view ScoreItUp’s one-hour online video tutorial on the Writing Sample, please email me at – I’m making the Writing Sample tutorial available for free this week (through September 8th).

As a reminder, in all of ScoreItUp’s courses, students receive (1) the video tutorial on the Writing Sample and Personal Statement (as well as general admission advice), (2) live instruction on the Writing Sample and admission advice (live course students), and (3) discounted tutoring rates to help you perfect your personal statement, law school application essays, the Writing Sample and/or other “soft factors.”  Please email for more details!

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