In the Spotlight: Tammi M.’s 169 LSAT Score (Top 4%)

In The Spotlight:  Tammi M.’s 169 LSAT Score (Top 4%)

There are a series of challenging steps that UCLA pre-law student Tammi M. knew she had to face before achieving her dream job of being a criminal prosecutor.  The first significant challenge  – which Tammi M. just conquered – was the LSAT. 

After attending a presentation with me at UCLA’s Pre-Law Society last year, Tammi enrolled in ScoreItUp’s Spring ’18 LSAT Prep course.  Her initial diagnostic exam – before her ScoreItUp training – was a solid 155.  After the course, she then got a sensational 169 on the official July ’18 LSAT – a 14-point improvement that lands her in the top 4% of test-takers nationwide.

Tammi could easily rely on that score to get into a series of “T-14” law schools.  But she’s not done – she actually wants to retake the exam and break into the 170s.  Whether she retakes the LSAT or not, Tammi already has dominated the first step on her journey.  Here are Tammi’s words for future LSAT-takers: “The LSAT may seem daunting, but trust the ScoreItUp process!”

 Congratulations Tammi on a job very well done, and I hope and expect you will be just as successful in all of the future steps of your journey!