Cris H.’s 5-Star Yelp Review

A warm thank-you to Cris H. for his 5-star Yelp review of ScoreItUp LSAT Prep! (You can see Yelp reviews about ScoreItUp here.)  In some ways, Cris’s review is especially meaningful since he took ScoreItUp after having taken two national test prep courses. Here is Cris’s review of ScoreItUp LSAT Prep in its entirety:

It’s obvious from the moment you review his offering of materials, that a tremendous amount of time, talent, and care have been invested to provide his students with the best possible program for success on the LSAT. And I don’t make this comment frivolously; as a former student of several of the well known national courses, and various other curricula and workshops, I can say with confidence that ScoreItUp is the best value hands down. 

Just consider how it’s marketed, merely as an LSAT prep course; but with ScoreItUp not only do you get extraordinary exam preparation, but a seasoned-professional Harvard-grad reaching out to you saying, “hey, after the course, if there’s anything you need help with, let me know… advice on applications, personal statements, etc. I’m here.” In my opinion, the support Mark offers his students is easily worth the course’s price by itself. Then there’s the guest speaking; other legal professionals sharing their experiences and perspectives; offering insights to the field we’ll soon be a part of. Then there are mark’s own legal experiences which are incredibly interesting and informative.  Then there are the social get-togethers Mark sponsors at local establishments to promote comradery among classmates; which resulted in the formation of study groups. I could go on and on extolling the virtues of the course which go above and beyond mere LSAT preparation but I’ll get off my soap box and rattle off a few of the gem-like qualities you’ll find in the LSAT preparation aspect of the course. 

First, he’s an expert at taking the esoteric and breaking it down into palatable bites; things you can actually understand. You’ll find his lectures and videos to be cogent- very cogent; not too much info, not too little. This is important because from personal experience, other courses advertise that they can be completed in three months, but in reality they can’t. Not unless you’re either a speed reader, or willing to take the LSAT with your test scores still in the 150’s. They’re simply bloated, good luck even reading all that material, much less finding the time to synthesize it into an array of cognitive tools ready at a moment’s notice to take down a logical reasoning problem in 80 seconds or less. But with Mark’s balance of reading, lecture, and practice you actually can finish in three months with a score vastly higher than where you began. 

Not that it’s necessary, but humor almost always finds its way into Mark’s lectures. We were all there for the instruction- for bettering our scores- and we would have been more than happy with what was delivered, but the fact that it also came with a lot of laughs was unexpected and well received. 

You’ll find his materials representative of- and relevant to- contemporaneous LSATs; no over emphasis on outdated problem sets not likely to appear on current exams. You’ll find his problem sets to be well curated, with an increasing level of difficulty that- although challenging- does not feel overwhelming. 

He creates a very welcoming environment in class, complete with nightly cookies. During my time in his course I observed him field countless “dumb” questions and I can’t recall a single time when he seemed either annoyed or unappreciative of the question having been asked. The atmosphere is always positive, supportive and informative; he creates a great place to make mistakes and learn. 

I could go on but I’ll stop here. In closing I’ll say this, I wish I had found ScoreItUp first; I would have saved myself a lot of time and money with other courses.


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