Nadia J.’s 5-Star Yelp Review

A warm thank-you to Nadia J. for her 5-star Yelp review of ScoreItUp LSAT Prep! (You can see Yelp reviews about ScoreItUp here.)  Nadia has an exciting future and legal career awaiting her, and it was a pleasure for me to be there when it started! Here is Nadia’s review of ScoreItUp LSAT Prep in its entirety:

When I first started researching LSAT prep courses, I reviewed ScoreItUp’s Yelp page and the website of the company. I saw all the amazing reviews of ScoreItUp. Well, for all those 5-star reviews, I’m here to attest to all of them! 

Taking Mark’s class was one of the smartest decisions I have thus far made for my education! First, I especially appreciated that he was guaranteed to be our teacher; there was no 2nd year law students or some college student who had a knack for logical reasoning teaching the course. It was all Mark, and that is truly all whom you will need to get the score you want on the LSAT. From the very beginning when I was still browsing which prep company to take and reached out for more information, Mark was the only one was so accommodating and helpful in addressing my questions and worries about the test, as well as providing a lot of resources to best help me make my decision. From then I knew that ScoreItUp would be the right choice for me. 

I tried self-studying for the LSAT a month prior to taking his course, and I could tell I wasn’t absorbing the information well and couldn’t apply what I had learned when it came to practice questions. Mark comprehensively breaks down all the concepts found in the LSAT into their fundamental elements with such clarity and efficacy. He taught us how to understand the mindset of the test-writers and how to adopt the right strategies to tackle the LSAT. He truly has a gift when it comes to teaching, and it definitely shows by how he was always able to ensure our whole class on the same page each lesson. 

When I attempted to study for the LSAT alone, I hated it. It seemed difficult, tedious, and quite honestly bland. However, while taking Mark’s course, I actually found myself ENJOYING taking practice tests and reading over his lessons. The LSAT requires a lot of dedication, and Mark helps you stay motivated and garner a completely different perspective on the test, one that allows you to significantly improve your score and honestly makes studying for the test SO much better! I’ve gone up 17 points since my diagnostic test, and I attribute every single one of those point increases to Mark. He will be there for you through every step of the way, as a teacher, mentor, and source of unconditional encouragement.

I’ve taken a few standardized test prep courses before, and this class environment was probably the most comfortable atmosphere you could be in for a test prep course. Mark always encouraged us to ask questions, and was extremely patient and understanding if any of us came across a stumbling block. I think one of the main factors that makes Mark stand out from all the other prep companies is that he is PASSIONATE about teaching and helping his students reach their goals. He always waited after class just in case anyone had any burning questions. Mark is one of the most personable, genuine, and caring people I’ve ever met, and it really shows within his teaching. His stories about life as a lawyer and words of wisdom on law school and life simply cannot be matched. These moments truly lightened up the room. You could never go a day in Mark’s class without laughing. He also gave hours and hours of advice and guidance on the “soft factors” of the law school application, which saves a lot of money for those who were considering paying thousands for application help. 

I cannot express enough how much I recommend ScoreItUp for anyone who is considering applying to law school! I’ll say this over and over again, but it is wholeheartedly the best investment I have ever made for myself!