In the Spotlight: Rani S.’s 27-Point LSAT Score Improvement

Rani S. (SIU, Summer ’17) is a self-described average test-taker.  However, “average” would hardly be the word to describe the performance of this impressive 2017 UCR graduate on the September 2017 LSAT.  Here are just a few highlights:

  • Rani’s official LSAT score was a stunning 27 points higher than her initial mock exam score taken 2-1/2 months earlier, before her ScoreItUp training with me.
  • Rani got a perfect score on the challenging Logic Games section of the September 2017 LSAT.
  • To put Rani’s achievement in perspective, a 27-point score increase typically represents an improvement of approximately 75-80 percentile on the LSAT…wow!

Considering the importance of the LSAT (and the potential for enormous, merit-based scholarships), it is not hyperbole to say that Rani’s LSAT achievement is life-altering. Rani has become highly competitive at the top law schools in the country as a direct result of the massive improvement she saw in her LSAT score.

In addition, Rani’s score was hardly a fluke. For example, although she started the course having no idea how to tackle Logic Games, things quickly changed. After learning the strategies we discussed and practiced in class, Rani routinely started earning perfect Logic Games scores on timed practice LSATs. (As a side note, Rani is one of at least four of my ScoreItUp students earning a perfect Logic Games score on the recent September 2017 LSAT…and those are only the ones I’ve heard from!)

You can read Rani’s course review in “Student Comments.” Congratulations, Rani, on your exceptional performance and improvement on the LSAT, and best of luck to you in the application process!