Danica D.’s Story

One of the exciting things about running ScoreItUp LSAT Prep while also working as an attorney is the opportunity to see a student’s entire legal career develop in front of me.  Consider the story of former UCI undergraduate student Danica D.:

I originally met Danica when she was heading up UCI’s Pre-Law Society.  After comparing ScoreItUp to the competition, she enrolled in my LSAT Prep course. Danica livened up the course with her big smile and extroverted personality, just like she did while running UCI’s Pre-Law Society.  It was apparent that Danica had all sorts of attributes that would make her a successful lawyer: she was intelligent, personable, funny, and motivated.

Danica also was focused. Her interest and passion for the law revolved around one thing: she wanted to be a criminal prosecutor. So, after graduating from USD Law School and passing the California Bar, she began working with me at the Orange County District Attorney’s Office. Not surprisingly, she has begun developing into a star trial lawyer, successfully prosecuting all sorts of different types of criminal cases.

It’s exciting to watch an undergraduate student go through the entire law school process and come out on the other end, working as a successful attorney. Well done, Danica – it is a pleasure calling you a colleague, and it was an honor to be there with you when it all started!

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