ScoreItUp vs. National Prep Courses (Course Comparison)

There’s a lot of misleading, or hard-to-find, information about LSAT Prep courses. See below* for a comparison of ScoreItUp to heavily advertised national test prep companies on the items students care about most in live (in-person) classroom courses:  course instructor, price, and classroom hours.

Course Guaranteed To Be Taught By Company Owner:

ScoreItUp: YES
Kaplan:  No
Princeton Review: No
TestMasters: No
Powerscore: No
Blueprint: No

Total Live (In-person) Instruction + Exam Hours:

ScoreItUp:  104
Kaplan: 40
Princeton Review: None (“LiveOnline” only)
Testmasters: 84
Powerscore: 64
Blueprint: 100

Total Live (In-person) Instruction Hours:

ScoreItUp: 76
Kaplan: 28
Princeton Review: None (“LiveOnline” only)
Testmasters: 60
Powerscore: 48
Blueprint: 76

Total Exam Hours:

ScoreItUp: 28 (7 proctored exams)
Kaplan: 12 (3 proctored exams)
Princeton Review: None (“LiveOnline” only)
Testmasters: 24 (6 proctored exams)
Powerscore: 16 (4 proctored exams)
Blueprint: 24 (6 proctored exams)


ScoreItUp: $1,349 (with “10 at 10” early-enrollment discount)
Kaplan:  $1,399
Princeton Review: $1,299 (for “LiveOnline”)
TestMasters: $1,650
Powerscore: $1,395
Blueprint: $1,799

*Based on information publicly available,  Competitor course offerings and prices may vary by location. Please advise me of any perceived inaccuracies.


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