ScoreItUp’s Online Video Course

There are various online LSAT Prep courses on the market. If you wish to work with me, it would be a privilege to help get you into that dream law school of yours! You are welcome to (1) enroll here in ScoreItUp’s video (or live) course, (2) review more details about ScoreItUp’s online course by going to Course Information and clicking “Video Course,” or (3) email me directly at For a comparison of my online video course to other options out there, please read the information below.

Some online LSAT Prep courses simply make a video of their live course. Others have a “live online” course where you must tune in at specific times. And others use cartoons. Online students have different preferences. You may like the “feeling” of a live course, or you may enjoy watching cartoons while studying for the LSAT. But if your goal is maximizing your LSAT score, I believe the quality of instruction you will receive in ScoreItUp’s video course is unmatched in the industry.

You also should review the credentials of the instructor teaching your online course. Unlike my course, many are prepared by people who do not have formal training in the LSAT’s legal reasoning concepts, a law school education, or significant University teaching experience. To review some additional key benefits of ScoreItUp’s live and online courses, please visit Top 15.

My goals in creating ScoreItUp’s online video course can be summarized in three words: clarity, simplicity and effectiveness. I definitely employ humor and story-telling in my online (and live) courses. But I also seek to present LSAT Prep to you in a no-nonsense way that is uniquely clear, engaging, and easy to understand – without the marketing gimmicks. I want you to be able to remember the concepts easily, and apply them with confidence. That is my teaching style, and I believe it is the most useful thing LSAT Prep can provide a student.

Initially, I created ScoreItUp’s online course by making a video of my entire live course. However, I found that is not the ideal approach. It was far more effective to create a separate video in which I was speaking directly to you. By doing so, I was able to edit and re-shoot any segments that did not come out exactly the way I wanted.  It also allowed my online course to be more organized, allowing you to repeat, skip, or pause individual video clips (“mini-lessons”) conveniently.  In addition, this approach allows for continuous updating and enhancing.

So I redid ScoreItUp’s entire online video course. I made it easier, more efficient, and much more useful for you. In the process, I learned a simple truth: an online course is not a live (classroom) course, and should not attempt to be one.  There are advantages to both, but they are different.  The advantages I can provide you in ScoreItUp’s video course include efficiency, convenience, and self-paced learning.  An online course should not pretend to be a live course, or incorporate lots of distractions and silliness into it. Those kinds of things take away from the benefit of studying in a self-paced, online format.

Finally, don’t forget a basic fact: the writers of this challenging and critically important exam are trained professionals with Ph.D.’s. There is no reason for you to take on these LSAT writers on your own. Let’s work together to (1) combat their sneaky, tricky questions, (2) bring the LSAT to its knees, and (3) get those law school acceptance letters (and merit-based scholarship offers) in your mailbox!

For more information on ScoreItUp’s online video course, please go to Course Information and click the “Video Course” link.  If you wish to enroll, you can do so here. Thank you for taking the time to read this – I appreciate you considering ScoreItUp, and I believe you will be very pleased if you choose to work with me!