The LSAT is the Most Fun…And Useful…Test You Will Ever Take.

Hungry ants, mean-spirited ducks, sexy rhinos*, logical spiders, cowardly wolves, and flatulent cows. The behavior quirks of a wide variety of animals are just the beginning of things you will learn when preparing for the LSAT!

The LSAT may not be the most fun thing you ever do in life, but the LSAT is likely to be the most fun and useful test you ever prepare for.  The LSAT differs from other standardized tests and college exams in several important ways:

Learning how to analyze, strengthen, weaken and evaluate arguments also is a huge part of the LSAT.  LSAT Prep students become much more effective at understanding, making, and critically analyzing arguments in everyday life (including schoolwork, personal lives, work meetings, politics, etc.).  Who wouldn’t want to become better at that?!

You probably already know that your LSAT score is the single most important part of your law school application.  Preparing for it can be frustrating, tiring, and stressful at times. But preparing for the LSAT also is likely to be far more fun and beneficial to you (regardless of your future profession) than any test you will ever take!

* Ok, technically, that question (one of the LSAT’s all-time bests) involved “attractive” rhinos, not “sexy” ones…but close enough!