ScoreItUp’s Three-Step Approach to LSAT Prep

Students learn in different ways. For most students, a combination of hearing lessons, reading written instruction, and applying the information being taught is likely to be optimal.

That is precisely the three-step method adopted in ScoreItUp’s live and online video courses.  Students hear the live and/or online video lessons, read the information provided (through ScoreItUp’s extensive and detailed outlines), and then apply the information by working extensively on real LSAT questions (a tremendous number of which are analyzed in class, on video, and/or in written explanations).

One key to ScoreItUp’s success is that the live classroom instruction, the online video instruction, and the written instruction – including detailed explanations of real LSATs – are all prepared by the same person (Mark).  This approach involves synthesizing only the best LSAT Prep material from a wide variety of sources, and provides students with a well-integrated and cohesive LSAT Prep course.  It also helps ScoreItUp avoid the inconsistency and confusion that can occur if the online video and written instruction is prepared by someone other than the person teaching the class.

For more details, please feel free to contact Mark at!

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