In The Spotlight: the Rina L. Story

ScoreItUp online student Rina L. is a mother of two young children, pursuing her lifelong passion of going to law school. Here is the story of her 22-point* practice LSAT score increase (an increase of over 70 percentile!), getting her up to a practice LSAT score of 176 and ultimately into a top-ranked law school with a big scholarship. 

The challenge of raising two children as a Work-At-Home-Mom while preparing to apply for law school is no small feat.  Rina was not able to take a live LSAT Prep course. So, after reading ScoreItUp reviews online, she decided that ScoreItUp’s online video course was the way to go.

The result? Rina received a 22-point practice LSAT score increase (using real, previously administered LSATs). But that monstrous practice score improvement actually understates her accomplishment significantly, and here is why:

Rina began by taking an untimed LSAT (in other words, giving herself as much time as she wanted) before starting her training with ScoreItUp’s video course. She got a 154. After her ScoreItUp training, Rina got all the way up to a 176 on a timed practice LSAT, placing her solidly in the top 1% under timed conditions.  The 22-point practice score increase probably would have been 30-35 LSAT points if her initial practice LSAT also were timed!

Here is what Rina had to say about ScoreItUp’s online video course:

As a non-traditional student, I wanted more than the average prep course and I found that with SIU. Mark offers test preparation that speaks to the way one’s mind works, and his engaging personality helped me stay awake while the children slept and I was studying late at night. Mark also gave me invaluable assistance and guidance on an application strategy and the required essays. With Mark’s help and SIU’s training, I’m on my way to a top-ranked university (and my first choice) with a generous merit scholarship and a fantastic support system waiting to receive my family and me. ScoreItUp is prep perfection!

Thank you for the kind words, Rina.  Congratulations on your outstanding accomplishment and best of luck to you!

*Rina’s yelp review said her practice-score went up 21 points – it actually went up 22 points, from a 154 to a 176…but that’s ok, you don’t need to be great at math to ace the LSAT!  🙂