It’s Halloween…but don’t be afraid to save money by “cutting out the middleman”!

On Halloween, some things are meant to be scary…but people sometimes are afraid of things they shouldn’t be.  For example, when comparing products or services, many people are afraid to go with the less expensive option, even when it clearly appears superior.

That phenomenon is a psychological thing, and it also affects some students’ choices among LSAT Prep courses.  Taking a more expensive national test prep course makes a lot of sense if it is your only option.  A good national LSAT Prep course is likely to be much better than relying upon “self-study.”

However, if you are considering taking an LSAT Prep course, please consider the following significant advantages ScoreItUp’s signature “full-length 180” course (108 live classroom hours AND ScoreItUp’s online video course) offers.  ScoreItUp gives you more and charges you less by “cutting out the middleman”:

  • More live classroom hours than anyone (be careful – some companies try to include “online hours” into their live hour course totals!).  ScoreItUp’s 108-hour live course offers (a) 80 hours of live classroom instruction, (b) seven (7) proctored mock exams, and (c) its online video course (as an optional supplement).
  • Unparalleled student results – amazing scores and outstanding score improvement – take a look at ScoreItUp’s website and see!
  • ScoreItUp’s unique “instructor guarantee” –  ScoreItUp guarantees in writing that its founder will teach all course lessons…part-time student instructors, and instructors without a law school education, are never used.
  • A more lively and entertaining LSAT Prep experience (in class or on video), including class happy hours, sushi and pizza “networking parties,” and amusing stories tying the LSAT into the practice of law!
  • Ongoing guidance well beyond the LSAT, including the law school application process, internships, summer jobs, the State Bar, and landing that first job as a practicing lawyer!
  • Lower prices and a much better value for your money by “cutting out the middleman.”
  • Much, much more – please go to Top 15 to see 15 significant benefits ScoreItUp students enjoy over other forms of LSAT Prep!

Finally, unlike certain national LSAT Prep companies, ScoreItUp has never posted a fake student comment on any internet chat site or website. Please see Student Comments or for extensive (and verifiable) student reviews about ScoreItUp.  If you have any questions, please email…thanks!