In the Spotlight: Franklin’s Story

How does one get into a Top 15 law school with a huge merit-based scholarship?  Good grades and a strong LSAT score usually the key.  Consider the story of Franklin (SIU Spring ’15) below.

Franklin enrolled in SIU’s Spring ’15 LSAT Prep course after a friend recommended it to him.   He began the course with a very good initial mock exam score of 158. But Franklin’s goals were set high, and he wanted to see significant improvement in that initial mock LSAT score.

The result? After taking SIU’s course, Franklin earned a blistering 170 (top 2 percent) on his official LSAT – 12 points higher than his initial mock exam score.

What did Franklin’s 170 LSAT score earn him? Of the many offers he received, he accepted an offer from the University of Texas, a law school ranked in the top 15 in the nation…and with a 50% tuition scholarship. Wow!

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