In the Spotlight: Michael R. Takes His Perfect 180 LSAT Score to Harvard Law!

Congratulations to ScoreItUp student Michael R. for accepting his offer to attend Harvard Law School this Fall!  

Michael R. (SIU Fall ’11) also happens to be one of only 26 students in the world (out of well over 100,000) to have earned a perfect 180 LSAT score in 2012.  (He also was one of two SIU students to earn a perfect 180 LSAT score in 2012, helping SIU set a world record achievement.)

Here are some additional things worth knowing about Michael R.:

  • His perfect 180 LSAT score was a 21-point increase compared to his initial mock exam LSAT score before his SIU LSAT Prep course.
  • As one can imagine, he turned down a lot of other terrific law school options before settling on his decision to attend Harvard Law!
  • He took a couple years off after taking the LSAT.  He now will be joining two of his SIU LSAT Prep classmates, Sherry W. and Tyler H., who will be 3L’s at Harvard Law School next year.  (As a side note, Sherry W. and Tyler H. helped SIU set another…and more romantic… record achievement!)
  • Michael R. did not attend a well-known, Ivy League college – he is a graduate of a small, liberal arts undergraduate University.
  • Michael R. was one of the most modest and unassuming LSAT Prep students I have had – while he was in class I didn’t even know he was doing well on the LSAT, let alone on his way to a perfect 180 LSAT score!

To see a few more examples of former SIU students, please take a look here.  Congratulations Michael on a job exceptionally well done, and best of luck to you at Harvard Law School!

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