In the Spotlight: Melissa B.’s +16 Point LSAT Score Increase!

Sometimes one can get a clear appreciation for the potential life-changing value of a ScoreItUp LSAT Prep course by comparing a student’s performance before and after taking the course.  Melissa B. is a very good example of that.  

Melissa took the LSAT in June of 2014 after relying upon “self-study.”  It didn’t go particularly well. After learning about ScoreItUp at her college, she quickly realized the potential benefit of a ScoreItUp LSAT Prep course.  She enrolled in ScoreItUp’s Fall 2014 course, and re-took the LSAT in February 2015.  The result?  A whopping +16 point increase, comparing her 2nd official LSAT score to her 1st official LSAT score!

Of course, one’s LSAT score is simply a means to an end.  The real significance is that Melissa’s huge LSAT score increase took her from (1) believing she would not get into law school at all, to (2) getting into a very good law school…with an $80,000 scholarship!  Congratulations, Melissa, on a job very well done!

Here is what Melissa had to say about her ScoreItUp LSAT Prep course with Mark:

One of the best decisions I made for my future was taking ScoreItUp. When I made the decision to put all my efforts into studying for the most important component of the applying to law school (LSAT) I didn’t have a ton of money but ScoreItUp was more affordable for me and it was taught by Mark Sacks, a Harvard Law School grad. Best decision I made towards my applications. It has not even been a month since applying to law school and the acceptance letters and scholarships I am receiving right now from around the nation is an incomprehensible feeling. The hard work I put into my LSAT has opened doors for me and I have been given the opportunity for a successful and happy future, a future that would have never been possible without the proper preparation. If getting into law school was easy, I am sure everybody would attempt it but its not. It takes extraordinary effort and therefore you get to feel the extraordinary benefits. Thanks to Mark Sacks and ScoreItUp, I will be attending law school on the East Coast in fall 2015 with an amazing scholarship and the prestige that no one can take from me!