In the Spotlight: Melanie A.’s 36-Point LSAT Score Increase!

Summer 2014 ScoreItUp student Melanie A. has accomplished a remarkable feat, setting the bar exceptionally high for practice LSAT score improvement!  Consider the following:

  • The difference between Melanie A.’s initial practice LSAT score (before her ScoreItUp LSAT Prep training this summer)  and her highest practice LSAT score (under the same conditions) was an astounding 36 LSAT points.
  • That practice LSAT score increase measures Melanie’s initial practice exam (taking an official LSAT under strictly timed classroom conditions designed to simulate the official LSAT) to her highest practice LSAT score (under the same conditions).
  • To put that score increase in perspective, it is an increase of approximately 73 percentile from before and after her ScoreItUp LSAT Prep training.  That is an astounding achievement, and she is certainly deserving of a heartfelt congratulations!
  • Melanie has not yet taken the official LSAT, hoping to see even further gains beyond her already extraordinary improvement.
  • For more details on the meaning and significance of LSAT score improvement, see the Taylor K. story in the preceding blog.
  • Congratulations again, Melanie, on a job exceptionally well done!