The ScoreItUp Difference vs. Tricky “Fine Print”

Simple and clear.  ScoreItUp LSAT Prep offers live LSAT Prep courses that have some fundamental differences from those offered by the national test prep companies.  Equally important, the reasons for the differences are simple and clear: unlike national test prep companies that routinely use part-time student instructors, ScoreItUp guarantees that all lessons will be taught by the founder of the company.

As a result, students are assured that they are going to be instructed by someone who has extensive student evaluations that they can review, significant teaching experience of both LSAT Prep courses and University courses, a law school degree, the demonstrated ability to earn acceptance into the country’s top law schools, and proven results.

Sneaky. That’s the word that comes to mind when I see how some national test prep companies use their “fine print.” Students understand that LSAT Prep courses, like college courses, depend upon the instructor teaching the course.  However, some national test prep companies spend an incredible amount of advertising money trying to convince students otherwise by using ads with very tricky fine print.

The two most notable ones that I’ve seen are the “higher score guarantee” and the alleged company-wide “average score increase” claims.  Take a very close look at the fine print in these ads (you may have to dig to find it!).

For example, one national test prep company requires that you do ALL of the following before you can collect on their “higher score guarantee”:

  • Attend ALL of the lectures
  • Attend ALL of the mock exams
  • Do ALL of the homework
  • Produce ALL of your homework to prove to the company you did it (and be ready to get challenged on it!)
  • Lose any other guarantees, including losing the right to take a free or reduced-price repeat course
  • Fail to score even 1 point higher than you do on your very first classroom “mock” exam

Students who have not taken a LSAT Prep course often do not realize how difficult it is to meet those requirements.  For example, ScoreItUp offers 100 live lecture hours and 24 mock exam hours (6 tests).  In addition, there is a substantial amount of homework.

I would estimate that the overwhelming majority of students would be disqualified from collecting on the above “guarantee” before even taking the LSAT.  And if they did qualify, the likelihood of failing to score 1 point higher on the LSAT is extremely low.

ScoreItUp offers students a “matching” higher score guarantee (go to for details) to provide additional assurance to its students.  However, I  think it is worth noting that I have never had a single student EVER find the guarantee to be as good as the basic and straightforward offers provided in ScoreItUp’s programs!