ScoreItUp’s Fall Course Schedule and Early-Enrollment Discounts!

ScoreItUp is at it again!  Offering a better price-per-live-lecture-hour than any competitor around!!  Take a look at ScoreItUp’s incredible early-enrollment discounts on its Summer and Fall courses.  The early-enrollment price for the full-length “180” course is $999 for 100 live lecture hours and 6 mock exams (averaging $9.99 per lecture hour, without even including all of the mock exams and countless “extras” that ScoreItUp provides)!  The 108-hour full-length “plus” course is $899 for 84 live lecture hours and 6 mock exams, and the 72-hour full-length course is $799 for 52 live lecture hours and 5 mock exams.

The value of these courses is extraordinary – and that does not even take into account the most significant difference between ScoreItUp and its competitors: the written, money-back instructor guarantee with independently verifiable student evaluations of your instructor!  These discounts are for a limited time, though, and the prices will not be getting better than this.  It makes sense to enroll now, lock in the price, and reserve a seat…especially since enrollment is risk-free (students can get a full refund as long as they provide ScoreItUp with two weeks’ advance notice)!

If you have not already done so, please take a look at ScoreItUp’s Summer and Fall course calendars ( “Course Schedules”).  Summer courses begin in July, and have lessons primarily on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6-10 p.m.  Fall courses begin in October, and have lessons primarily on weekends.  ScoreItUp offers a wide variety of different options and different-length courses to maximize the ability of students to take a course with very clear and distinct advantages over national test prep companies and the student instructors they routinely use!