How about those Lakers?

I’m not sure how much the Lakers have to do with this 3-L blog, other than the fact that their name begins with an “L.”  But, since I previously wrote about the comparison of Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant to LSAT Prep courses (see the “Most Popular” category to find it), I figured I’d add my two cents.

Yes, the Lakers could have done a lot better in Games 1 and 3 and made it a real series with Dallas.  Yes, they probably had a little burnout after winning two championships – imagine how difficult it must be to maintain that level of intensity for that long.  And yes, they self-destructed and committed a couple stupid, unnecessary, and unacceptable flagrant fouls out of frustration in Game 4.  But I’m not ready to throw in the towel or become a Lakers Hater (I recently met the President of that particular organization – never even knew there was such a thing!).

I actually think it’s a sign of a truly great team when they get bashed for losing in the second round of the playoffs!  So, for all of you Cleveland, Chicago, and Dallas fans, I wish you the best of luck…we’ll be back next year!