FREE ScoreItUp LSAT Prep Lesson

Did you know that you can attend a FREE ScoreItUp LSAT Prep lesson?  If you are planning on taking ScoreItUp’s Summer LSAT Prep course (or thinking about it), and wanted to sit in for free on one of the Spring course lessons (on Monday and Wednesday evenings, and Sunday mornings and afternoons), just send me an email at  You can see a complete list of the dates and times of ScoreItUp’s Spring course lessons at “Course Schedules.”  Just click on the Spring full-length “180” course and you will see it all right there.  Because of ScoreItUp’s unique “instructor guarantee,” you can watch a LSAT Prep lesson in the Spring for free and know that it will be from the instructor who will be teaching your course in the Summer (or Fall).  More hours, lower prices, verifiable student evaluations, and ScoreItUp’s unique “instructor guarantee” are just a few of the things that separate ScoreItUp LSAT Prep from the competition!