Student Score Increases

A lot of times one sees success stories from LSAT Prep companies, but it’s hard to evaluate the frequency in which they occur.  Often, these scores are “cherry-picked” from 1000’s of students throughout the nation using a wide variety of different instructors.

And don’t even get me started on those misleading, company-wide “average score increase” claims made by some LSAT Prep companies.

Of course, no company can assure the results of all of its students.  However, take a look for yourself at a few examples of the stunning increases in the LSAT scores of students in just one of ScoreItUp’s courses:

  1. An increase* of approximately 58 percentile points (from the 40th to the 98th percentile, or 21 points on the 180-point scale).
  2. An increase* of approximately 66 percentile points (or 19 points on the 180-point scale).
  3. An increase* of approximately 59 percentile points (or 17 points on the 180-point scale).

* Comparing diagnostic tests to mock exams, using official LSAT exams in classroom settings under testing conditions designed to precisely simulate the LSAT.

Note that these are not students “cherry-picked” from throughout the nation.  They came from one modestly sized course taught by one instructor right here in Orange County.  Many ScoreItUp students have seen even more dramatic score improvement (over 20 LSAT points), but it gives you an idea of the potential value of a ScoreItUp LSAT Prep course!