John and Jane Doe

Students from ScoreItUp’s local, 30-student Orange County 2008 LSAT Prep course in Irvine are still in the process of hearing back from law schools. However, I would like to briefly describe the success of two UC Irvine and ScoreItUp students who already have been accepted into “Top 10” law schools for 2009:


ScoreItUp Summer ‘08

UC Irvine ‘09

Yale? Columbia?

Boalt? UCLA? ‘12

Jane Doe’s* dream was to go to UCLA law school – not only did she get ACCEPTED into UCLA Law School, she also has heard from the following additional “Top 10” law schools:  UC Berkeley (Boalt) Law School (ACCEPTED), Columbia Law School (ACCEPTED), Yale Law School (currently “WAIT-LISTED”).


ScoreItUp Summer ‘08

UC Irvine ‘08

Virginia Law School, ‘12

John Doe’s* dream was to go to an outstanding law school and live near Washington D.C. He recently found out that he accomplished both goals:  in addition to  numerous other options, he was ACCEPTED and will be ATTENDING Virginia Law School – a “Top 10” law school that is next door to our nation’s capital!

* “Jane Doe” and “John Doe” are  students from ScoreItUp’s 2008 Summer course (names omitted to protect students’ privacy).

Many of the LSAT Prep students in this 30-student class registered astounding increases from their diagnostic LSAT exam to mock LSAT exam scores at ScoreItUp (using official LSAT exams under simulated testing conditions).  A few of these score increases include:  (1) a 66-percentile LSAT score increase, (2) a 58-percentile score increase (from the 40th to the 98th percentile), and (3) a 59-percentile increase.   Frankly, even I was impressed by these results, and the dedication and success of these pre-law students.

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