scoreitup's enrollment discount

Here’s the short version, if you are pressed for time: enroll at least 30 days before any live (classroom) ScoreItUp course in 2018 (or at any time for ScoreItUp’s online video course), and you get a 10% discount in honor of ScoreItUp’s 10th year in business.

The upcoming 2018 year will mark ScoreItUp’s 10th year of offering live (classroom) courses in Orange County, California!  Teaching truly is my passion, and this exciting milestone couldn’t be more personally rewarding to me.

Here is how ScoreItUp’s 10% (“10 at 10”) discount works:

  • For all 2018 courses (live or video), I am adding a 10% at 10 years (“10 at 10”) early-enrollment discount: you get to take 10% off the course fee of any course.  For example, ScoreItUp’s signature 104-hour “full-length 180” course is only $1,349 after the $150 “10 at 10” discount.
  • So, in addition to more classroom hours (if you are taking a live course), and a  higher quality course, you get a nice discount on an already excellent value!
  • The only requirement on your part:  please enroll at least 30 days or more before the course starts.  As long as you do that, and have a pulse, you get the “10 at 10” deal.
  • Please email me at for any questions.  Thank you – I look forward to hearing from you, and I hope to share a very exciting 10-year LSAT Prep anniversary with you!