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My name is Mark Sacks, and I founded ScoreItUp LSAT Prep in 2008 after working as an instructor for a national LSAT Prep company, graduating from Harvard Law School, and teaching over 35 University law courses. I formed ScoreItUp based on a simple premise: effective LSAT Prep teaching requires a lot more than just a high LSAT score. After all, the purpose is to maximize your LSAT score!

Intelligent prelaw students know that the most important factor in one’s LSAT Prep course (just like any University course) is the instructor teaching it. In stark contrast to the industry norm, I never use part-time or student instructors.

All ScoreItUp lessons are taught directly by me. My entire professional career has been devoted to working with the legal reasoning skills tested on the LSAT as an LSAT Prep instructor, University law professor, and trial attorney.

Instructor/Owner Mark Sacks

Instructor/Owner Mark Sacks

And, as ScoreItUp’s owner, I have a tremendous incentive to ensure that you are satisfied with your LSAT Prep experience.

In addition, by “cutting out the middleman,” I provide you with a more personalized and entertaining LSAT Prep course. You receive all the fundamental training offered in the best corporate prep courses, but much, much more. More live instruction hours. More proctored exams. Free training on your personal statement.  Extensive and well-integrated online resources. Intriguing “war stories.” Simply put, you get a significantly higher quality course and a better value…without the marketing gimmicks. For more details on ScoreItUp’s course lessons, please visit Top 15, read this blog, and see the links at the bottom of this page.

The unparalleled results of ScoreItUp students include (1) setting a world record for student 180 LSAT scores, (2) an outstanding 15-point (approximately 56 percentile) average practice score increase, (3) full-tuition scholarships to “Top 20” and local law schools, and (4) admission into the nation’s top law schools.

Here is a sample of extensive and independently verifiable student reviews that you can read in Student Comments and on yelp.com:

  • “Most helpful course I have ever taken in my life.”
  • “There is no one I’d trust more than Mark when it comes to preparing for the LSAT.”
  • “The teaching technique was phenomenal.”
  • “After ScoreItUp, I was able to do what I did not think was possible of me.”
  • “Mark is ridiculously hilarious.”
  • “Trust me, you will not find another LSAT Prep course remotely as good as ScoreItUp.”
  • “Mark, simply put, is an amazing teacher.”

This year marks my company’s 10-year anniversary of specializing exclusively in live and online LSAT Prep courses. From ScoreItUp’s inception, my goal has been to offer you exceptionally thorough LSAT Prep instruction…and to do so in a lighthearted and fun learning environment that encourages students to succeed.

You are welcome to take live courses with me (1) in the Spring, Summer and Fall in Orange County, or (2) in the Summer in West L.A. (I use the Winter quarter to update and enhance ScoreItUp courses annually.)  My highly convenient online video course, and 1-on-1 tutoring (in person or by telephone/Skype), are available year-round and worldwide. Countless students from across the nation have taken advantage of these various LSAT Prep options.

Please feel free to enroll online, or contact me directly at mark@scoreitup.com. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I would be thrilled to have the privilege of turning you into another ScoreItUp success story, helping you bring the LSAT to its knees, and getting you into that dream law school of yours!


As a high school Valedictorian and summa cum laude college graduate, I have been tutoring students throughout my life. Teaching has been my lifelong passion and continues to be to this day. I began teaching LSAT Prep for a national test prep company before graduating from law school, and have taught thousands of additional LSAT Prep students since forming ScoreItUp in 2008.

In addition, I have taught well over 35 University law courses, primarily at UC Irvine, including developing and teaching UCI’s “Legal Reasoning and the Law” course. That undergraduate course applies the legal reasoning concepts tested on the LSAT to the analysis of judicial opinions in landmark U.S. cases.

Here is a more detailed list of my LSAT Prep teaching credentials and training in the LSAT’s legal reasoning concepts:

  • Harvard Law School graduate (also accepted into Stanford, UC Berkeley (Boalt), UCLA, and UC Hastings law schools).
  • Only known LSAT instructor to ever coach multiple students to perfect 180 LSAT scores in one year (within four years of ScoreItUp opening its doors).
  • Extensive LSAT Prep teaching experience (including teaching for a national test prep company).
  • Founded ScoreItUp LSAT Prep in 2008, and personally taught LSAT Prep to thousands of pre-law students.
  • Consistently excellent student evaluations.
  • Taught over 35 full-length University law courses to undergraduate, graduate, and working professional students at UC Irvine, Chapman, and Cal State Fullerton.
  • Developed and taught UC Irvine’s “Logical Reasoning and the Law” undergraduate course, integrating the LSAT’s legal reasoning concepts and case law analysis.
  • Written numerous articles on the LSAT and LSAT Prep.
  • Advisory committee member to Harvard University’s admission committee.
  • Taught national seminars to lawyers throughout the nation.
  • Scored in the 99th percentile on the LSAT.

The LSAT is specifically designed to test the legal reasoning skills used by law students and lawyers (e.g., strengthening arguments, parallel reasoning, analogies, etc.). I have worked with the LSAT’s legal reasoning concepts throughout my professional career as a LSAT Prep instructor, University professor, civil litigator and criminal prosecutor.  My law school education and extensive teaching and work experience with the LSAT’s legal reasoning concepts enables me to (1) explain clearly the reasoning in LSAT questions, (2) demonstrate the fallacies of incorrect answer choices, and (3) enable students to answer LSAT questions much more easily, accurately, and efficiently.


My ScoreItUp course lessons begin by focusing on developing the key legal reasoning skills tested on each section of the LSAT, and using real LSAT questions to demonstrate how these concepts appear in actual questions. (Plenty of time is made available in live courses for student questions as well.)

After these initial “core” lessons, we spend a tremendous amount of time allowing you to apply the LSAT’s legal reasoning concepts to additional real LSAT questions. We routinely take and analyze full sets and sections of previously released LSATs to help dramatically increase your LSAT score.  I will assist you in accurately recognizing common LSAT patterns and tricks, efficiently rejecting tempting but incorrect answers, and clearly understanding the legal reasoning concepts underlying LSAT questions. LSAT Prep isn’t magic…but seeing dramatic improvement in your LSAT score sometimes will feel that way!

In addition, my live ScoreItUp courses also include seven (7) full-length proctored exams, primarily during the second half of the course (online students living in Southern California also can take them). These proctored exams use real LSATs, are timed by a live proctor, and precisely simulate the experience of taking the official LSAT. Detailed explanations of these LSATs are provided for you in ScoreItUp’s extensive online database. By taking these mock exams and reviewing the explanations, you are able to deepen your understanding of the LSAT’s legal reasoning concepts, improve timing and efficiency, and begin mastering the exam.

ScoreItUp courses include enormous added benefits as well. For example, all students are provided with my one-hour video tutorial on writing an excellent Personal Statement, and a separate one-hour tutorial on the four steps to writing an excellent Writing Sample (the final section of the LSAT). Students in ScoreItUp’s live courses also routinely have the chance to ask me questions in class about their personal statements and law school applications, and I formally devote part of one classroom lesson to these “soft factors.”

Finally, since I am a huge believer in making LSAT Prep lessons both engaging and entertaining, amusing stories from my work as a criminal prosecutor, civil litigator and former law school student are sprinkled throughout my classroom lessons.  The stories reinforce LSAT Prep concepts, keep things lively and fun, and give you a taste of lawyers’ lives.  Why not enjoy learning more about the work that lawyers do in different legal professions while preparing for the LSAT?


The so-called “soft factors” of your law school application include your personal statement, letters of recommendation, the LSAT’s Writing Sample, and your responses to law school application questions.  In other words, everything contained in your application except your LSAT score and undergraduate gpa.

I have gained tremendous insight into the law school application process from my extensive discussions with law school admission members from a variety of law schools, my work on the advisory committee to Harvard University’s admission committee, and my own law school application experience.  In addition, after assisting countless students with their personal statements and applications, I know how to effectively present the background and unique life history of any pre-law student in a powerful way that resonates with law school admission committees.

Students in my ScoreItUp courses are provided training in these “soft factors” at no additional charge.  All students are given access to my one-hour video tutorial on the Personal Statement, and one-hour video on the LSAT’s Writing Sample (the sixth and final section of the LSAT).  In addition, students in my live courses have substantial opportunities to discuss their “soft factors” with me informally.  We also devote part of one classroom lesson to formal training on the personal statement and the Writing Sample.  If you would like additional assistance, you are welcome to work with me on a 1-on-1 basis to help perfect your personal statement and other “soft factors.”


If you are seeking a LSAT Prep course that demands top-quality instruction, 100% focus upon the most relevant and important course instruction material, and a lively and entertaining presentation, ScoreItUp is the course for you!