course comparison

 ScoreItUp Kaplan
Live Instruction + Exam Hours10040
Live Lesson Hours6828
Mock Exams83
Teaching Experience Guaranteedrightwrong
Law School Graduaterightwrong
Admissions Counseling Includedrightwrong
LSAC Official Prep Book Includedrightwrong
Instructor = Company’s Ownerrightwrong
Teaches LSAT Onlyrightwrong
Private Tutoring Availablerightright

*Price is all-inclusive, and includes a “early-enrollment” discount available to all students.

ScoreItUp´s competitors typically use a wide variety of part-time instructors with varying credentials, and do NOT provide any of these instructor guarantees. Competitors’ course offerings and prices may vary by location. Based upon information publicly available – please contact ScoreItUp regarding any perceived errors in the above information.

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