The ScoreItUp Difference: LSATs with Answers!

Some differences between LSAT Prep companies are apparent on their face: number of live instruction hours offered, price, instructor, etc. Other benefits are more subtle until you actually are in the course. The way in which you are provided practice LSATs is a good example.

To appreciate the way ScoreItUp provides practice LSATs to you, it is first worth noting the way national test prep companies frequently do it.  National test prep companies typically give you LSATs…but DON’T give you the answers! That’s right – LSAT exams, but no answers.  So, how do you get the LSAT answers?  You have to log onto their website to get them.

Why do these national companies do that, considering how inconvenient it is for you to have to get to a computer, log on, and search for answers to LSATs you’ve just taken? Well, for one thing it gets you to repeatedly log onto their website.  And then, when your two-month course is over, your access to their online material – including all of the answers to those LSAT questions – is cut off. Since most students will not finish the practice LSATs by the time the course is over, that’s a big deal. You will need to pay an additional fee to renew your online access or have a bunch of LSATs with no answers!

At ScoreItUp, things are done differently. You are given the actual LSAT books – complete with introductory information published by the LSAC, answers to each of the LSAT exams in the books, and the “conversion chart” (allowing you to convert your “raw score” into your 120-180 “LSAT score”).

As a result, you have immediate access to all necessary information, and don’t need to get to a computer and log on to find answers to your practice LSATs. Equally importantly, if you haven’t finished all of the LSATs provided by the time your ScoreItUp course ends (which will be true for more than 95% of all students), you still have the exams…and answers!

It costs more for me to provide you with the actual LSAT books…but it is significantly more helpful, convenient, and cost-effective for students.  To see additional benefits of ScoreItUp courses, please visit Top 15!

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