Molly’s World: The LSAT’s Connection to Card Playing

For you movie buffs who haven’t seen Molly’s World, the movie about the true story of Molly Bloom, it’s well worth your time. The movie introduces Molly as a young woman with Olympic-level talent as a snow skier, who suffers a tragic ski accident. She then proceeds to get a 173 on her LSAT on her way to Harvard Law School.

And then the real story of Molly’s life in the movie begins. While waiting to attend law school, Molly stumbles into a life of running glamorous, high-stakes, celebrity-filled, underground poker games. It’s highly entertaining, and deals with people as they often really are: possessing both good and flawed qualities.

In addition to being a great movie, there were quite a few themes of interest to future lawyers:

  • It demonstrates firsthand the value and importance of criminal defense lawyers who possess integrity (and I say that as a career prosecutor).
  • It demonstrates a subject I have written about in the past: the common connection that sometimes exists between the LSAT and card playing (I had to mention the LSAT in here somewhere!). Even though Molly wasn’t playing in her poker games, she knew the game well…and happened to score in the 99th percentile on the LSAT.
  • You will never look at Spider Man’s Tobey Maguire the same way after seeing the movie and reading about which character he portrayed!

I have no idea what life lesson is to be learned from this movie, but it’s gripping and fascinating (even the briefly described relationship between Molly and her father is intriguing), and seems to have remained largely true to Molly’s real life story.

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