ScoreItUp For “Older” Students – Complete Set of Student Evaluations

Most ScoreItUp students are college students or recent college graduates. Students who have been out of college for awhile may wonder if ScoreItUp is also right for them.  To help answer that question, a complete and independently verifiable set of course evaluations is printed below.This survey was from a recent,12-hour ScoreItUp LSAT Prep mini-seminar. Most of the attendees at this seminar were students who had been out of school for some time.  (Students also are welcome to review extensive student evaluations of ScoreItUp and its guaranteed instructor here.)

The student evaluations below were requested, collected and maintained from the University hosting the LSAT Prep seminar.  Neither ScoreItUp nor Mark Sacks had any involvement in administering or collecting these survey results.

Student Comments (LSAT Prep Seminar)

Question:  Overall, how would you rate the instructor [Mark Sacks]?


  • Very knowledgeable, clear and helpful:  100% (22 out of 22 responses)                  
  • Somewhat knowledgeable, clear and helpful:  0% (0 out of 22 responses)                  
  • Not knowledgeable, clear or helpful:  0% (0 out of 22 responses)

Comments about the instructor, Mark Sacks [every student comment is included]                  

  • “Brilliant!!”                  
  • “Mark delivered so much information in a way that was easy to understand and at the same time made it fun.”
  • “Mark is superb.  He really, really knows his stuff, is very patient, answered all our questions, and was very encouraging.  He made the 9 hour session on Saturday very easy and the 4 hour session on Tuesday also enjoyable.  He is a great instructor!”      
  • “I’m glad I didn’t miss this course.  Lunch and snacks were great too.  This course prompted me to take the exam.  I knew I needed to take it if I wanted to attend [law school] in the Fall.  At this point, I’m not sure if I am ready to take the June exam although I’m really tempted to take it anyway.”                  
  • “He was great!”                  
  • “Mark is wonderful, clear, dedicated, and extremely helpful.  It is not every day that you meet an exceptional teacher.  Thank you!”                  
  • “Very clear on topics.  Great topic review process and provided useful tools for each topic.”                  
  • “None.”                  
  • “There was one rude student on day 2 and Mark handled him very graciously.  Good job!”                  
  • “Thank you so much for your time and information on the LSAT.”                  
  • “I would like to say ‘Thank you Mark!!!!’”                  
  • “The instructor was very informative and taught us the information that was easy to understand.  Provided great examples and analogies to help the material become more relatable.  Overall, he was a great help to me personally, in understanding [how] the test is structured, what to look for.  Thank you!”                  
  • “I think I’m going to invest in his online course.  I think it would be well worth it.”                  
  • “Great job”

For more details about the survey, please feel free to email  Thank you!

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