The Romantic Side of LSAT Prep: Sherry W. and Tyler H. Go From UCI to ScoreItUp to Harvard Law School!

For many aspiring pre-law students, Harvard Law School is a school they dream about attending.  The fact that approximately 75 percent of students who are offered a spot in Harvard’s 1L class wind up accepting the offer speaks to its broad appeal.

So, I am particularly excited to write this blog about former ScoreItUp students Sherry W. and Tyler H., both of whom just graduated from Harvard Law School (and just began working in BigLaw!).  It is an especially impressive accomplishment for Sherry and Tyler for several reasons:

  • They both are UC Irvine graduates, and Harvard often takes only one student per year from many universities and colleges (the Ivy League schools, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA and a few others being notable exceptions) so as to increase the diversity of the undergraduate institutions in each class.
  • Although other law schools may have gotten slightly easier to get into recently, the general consensus is that Harvard, Yale, and Stanford remain just as exceedingly competitive as ever.
  • And most significantly, Sherry and Tyler recently got engaged…and are two of the nicest people you will ever meet.  (As a quick ScoreItUp plug, they also are the first Harvard Law School couple I have ever heard coming from the same LSAT Prep course!)

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